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Gemma-Louise Kaye


entrepreneur | innovator | disruptor

transformational coach




To give our deepest gifts, and truest selves abundantly... so that, together, we can create an inspired, loving, equitable world that takes care of everyone.

TRANSFORMation & artistry

Gem is dedicated to the artistry of personal transformation and the creation of impossible new realities through her 1:1 coaching, online programs, entrepreneurial pursuits and acting work.

Gem works with a very small number of 1:1 clients each year. To express interest, or discuss a collaboration, request a meeting.


visionary innovator disruptor

Gem is the founder of the "Money By Light" movement as well as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of The Wiku Collective, The International Association of Conscious Leaders for Humanity.

transformational catalyst high performance coach
psychology nut
Spirit Junkie

Gem is the creator of "The Artistry of the Impossible" her breakthrough approach to high performance. She catalyzes and coaches ethical, empathic leaders to unfold their highest calling and visionary impact work into the world in new and expanding ways.

star quality branding and performance consultant

Gem is the creator of the "Psychology and Neuroscience of Star Quality" and coaches artists, speakers, coaches on how to maximise their personal brand presence and impact.

actress, presenter, voice-artist

Gem has been a professional working actress, presenter, and voice-artist for 15 years, including roles as the "voice of" the National Geographic Channel "Nat Geo People", and roles throughout Australian film, tv, and radio.


Chiarina Piazza
PhD, MEd, BSN, RN;
Associate D
ean, College of Nursing

“Lifelong leadership development is a priority for me as a leader and expert in my field. So I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with you! From the moment we began, it has been continued forward movement. You have this way of listening, extrapolating the essence of what sparks me and reflecting that back to me. In just a few short seconds, it is crystal clear. Truly I think you’re a lightworker, because your work is almost ethereal. I am fully ready and excited to pursue my big vision!”


David Mead
Professional Speaker, Leadership Consultant, Author

"Working with you Gem, it changed my behaviours, it changed my actions. It changed the way I think about people, and the relationships I have. Knowing that I’m doing everything I can to bring a deeper energy to my message, gives me an incredible sense of confidence and inner peace. The words are now coming more from my heart rather than my head. It used to be 70:30 the other way, and now that’s switched."


Mara Kazantzaki
CEO, Beyond Motherhood

"Gem has an uncanny ability to pull things out of your inner being. Every session included at least one goosebump worthy ”aha" moment, which led to shifts paramount to moving forward with my new business. She is not only a wonderfully kind and compassionate human being but an immensely talented soul worker. Her way of explaining things is incredibly vivid and imaginative, and easy to comprehend on a deeper level."

"It is amazing how the human soul

will awaken when believed in."

Gemma-Louise Kaye

Suing-the-devil-1326 SQU.jpg

About Gem

I dream of a kinder, wiser world that takes care of everyone. I help ethical leaders re-discover themselves, transform their executive presence, "star quality" & magnetism, & expand into unexpected new levels of their calling & contribution.

I use divergent thinking & intuitive insight in my approach to the high-performance transformation of individuals & teams, working through a lens of consciousness, soul, neuroscience, trauma-informed counselling, personal mastery & artistry.

I help people improve their performance.

I have helped CEO's, PhD’s, leadership coaches, speakers, doctors, the ex-Police, world-class artists, elite sportspeople, mothers, and those recovering from disability, injury & mental health conditions.

My career spans work in my own coaching business, as well as trauma-informed counselling, disability & injury recovery in government & corporate, project management in film & educational media, screen-writing, & 15 years as a Professional Actress, Presenter & Voice-artist, including being the "voice of" one of the National Geographic Channels on Foxtel, Australia/NZ.


Lee Prosenjak
Professional Speaker, Leadership Consultant, COO

"Working with Gem was a wonderful process!

Gem was very detailed about understanding my core purpose and long-term goals. The first time I listened to the audio, I was shocked on just how much insight, care, and love she put into it. Gem really saw me in the process. I'm now using the voiceover several times per week and each time I am thankful. Gem, thank you for your insight and creativity, I am immensely grateful."


Cham Tang
Co-Founder, Marketing Expert, Professional Speaker

“Thank you Gem for your insightful & valuable feedback on my presentation. I always appreciate how in-tune you are with people's emotions & how encouraging and supportive you are.”


Dr Chris Gilchrist
Chiropractor, CEO, Speaker

“Gem was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of becoming an international speaker. She was always on point with an uncanny ability to get straight to clearing up how to communicate effectively & make sure my target audience would be able to receive the message I was sharing.”

Advanced empathy rising

More ethical, empathic, service-minded leaders are deeply needed amongst the highest echelons of wealth and power.


Your success is a philanthropic imperative.

But you don't have to do it alone...


An athlete wouldn't train for the Olympics without a coach. Make sure you have the right co-creative partner as you pursue and unfold your vision of profound impact and contribution.



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